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Combining MODO’s modern signature styling with simple design functionality are the key to this building. Designed to fit comfortably on most standard size allotments (approx. 15 metre x 40 metre) the site still provides generous private open space areas.

Similar to other MODO Class 1b Rooming Houses this design comprises nine fully equipped lettable rooms, one disabled/physically impaired suite, common kitchen and common laundry.

General Note:

Facade material finishes and colours can be individually tailored to fit each Owners’ specific requirements, even floor plans can be massaged to suit a particular site if required.

All MODO designed rooming houses are fitted with individual room electrical sub-meters and many Owners also elect to included individual room water sub-metering for ease of financial control.

Site permitting, MODO always tries to incorporates a generous number of car parking spaces including one disabled space on each site.

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